Wenkem ... 25 Years later

  • 1 August 2013

On 1 August 1988 the company Wenkem SA was founded by a group of well-known people in the chemical industry, including executive chairman at the time, Mr Willem van der Merwe. The company’s aim was to provide unlimited opportunities for the farmer, entrepreneur and businessman. At that point Wenkem was the sole distributor of a range of crop protection products with its own identity in exclusive areas.

After 25 years, Wenkem is still privileged to have a leadership position in the market in the distribution of a full range of crop protection products in South Africa and some neighbouring countries. At that time the company started with only nine founding members and during the past 25 years has grown to 105 agricultural chemical agents who respectively operate from 76 depots in all nine provinces.

Quality crop protection products from the supplier was and still is the basis for continued growth of the company, particularly with regard to personal interaction between the customer, agent, product supplier and the Wenkem team.

Therefore the company values the importance of every role player at the highest level, because that is the reason for Wenkem’s progress and success to date.